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Evangelism And Missions Ministry (Acts Ministry)

Who are we?
Our mission is to spread the Gospel in Silver Spring Maryland by reaching the world one person at a time. “…Go into all the world and preach the Gospel to everyone.” Mark 16:15

When we think of missions, we are thinking globally. We believe our biblical mandate is to go into all the world and declare the Good News of Jesus Christ (Matthew 28:19).  While we can find much to do in our own communities, the Church is commanded, by going directly or supporting those who do go, to reach the entire world.

BLBF financially supports many mission agencies and career missionaries.

Eligibility to serve as part of the Evangelism ministry:

In order to serve in this ministry, you must be a member of Bread of Life Bible Fellowship or in the process of becoming a member.


  • Special team mobilizations to distribute invitations to special events at the church (example: Christmas plays and Worship concerts)
  • Attend informational evangelism training classes
  • Bring the Gospel to the needy communities of the city, giving a hand and communicating the love of Christ.

Workers are required to give at least 2 hours bi-weekly: at least 1 hour in evangelism and 1 hour helping to distribute invitation cards after services. Also, Principal Officers must be available to distribute invitations for special occasions as needs arise.

All Evangelism committee are asked to make a one-year commitment to the ministry.

All members must be able to speak and to pray with anyone at any given time.  Principal Officers must be able to follow instructions in a spirit of brotherly love and respect, communicate with co-laborers and the public.

"Reaching The World One Person At A Time"


Thursday Night Bible Study: 7:30 PM

Saturday Early Morning Prayer: 7AM

Service Times


Sunday School - 9AM

Worship Service - 11AM