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Prayer Ministry

We at Bread of Life Bible Fellowship believe in the importance of prayer in our daily life.  Not only do we encourage personal devotions but we recognize the power of united prayer.

The Prayer team is a group of people dedicated to the ministry of prayer and intercession.  Our mission is to serve the Body of Christ locally and around the world by praying for their needs and requests.

There are three primary ways BLBF unites in prayer:

"Reaching The World One Person At A Time"

Saturday early bird prayer
Every Saturday, a team of people visit the home of people with prayer request. It is encouraging to know that others are dedicated to come and pray with you.

Prayer Hotline
Every morning and evening the prayer ministry meets via the prayer line for one hour daily, morning and night, to pray for BLBF community, church and personal needs. This team also prays through the prayer request that come in every Sunday morning and via phone.

Corporate Fasting  
Every Saturday before 1st Sunday of the month we meet from 8Am- 12pm for fasting. Worshipping the Lord and bringing our request before Him. When we meet together for prayer, the presence of God is uniquely realized and the power of God is dramatically released when His people unite and in prayer.

Eligibility to serve in the prayer team
In order to serve in this ministry, you must be a member of Bread of Life Bible Fellowship or in the process of becoming a member and have a heart to pray.


  • Early bird prayer/Cohorte meetings
  • Prayer Hotline (Monday-Sunday from 5AM- 6AM and 10PM-11PM)
  • Pray for individuals as requested
  • Attend Corporate fasting service

Prayer team members are requested to pray 1-3 hours at least once a week

Prayer team members are not required to make a time commitment to serve.  The workers choose to stay as the Lord leads them and as they continue to desire to serve the body of Christ.

Prayer line form 5am-7am  & from 10PM-11PM daily. 

Dial – (641) 715-3272 

Enter Access Code - 966991#

Please attend the Cohort at BLBF at 7AM each Saturday. See the bulletin for cohort Address


Sunday School - 9AM

Worship Service - 11AM